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Including in this Issue:  

- Collection of Unique Micro-

films in the Utrecht University


- Dutch Late-Medieval Polyph-

ony Revisited

- Music in the Dead See Scrolls

- New CD: Music in Medieval



- Meeting: Music and the 



- Medieval Music Manuscripts 

Online Database
















Our digital newsletter Klankbord (the Dutch word for Soundboard) provides information about recent developments in the field of ancient and medieval music, both in the Netherlands and further afield. In addition to introducing current research projects and highlighting forthcoming conferences, symposia and exhibitions, we also give extensive coverage to recently published books and new CDs. To open the newsletter click the button (loading may take some seconds).  



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Klankbord is a free digital newsletter which appears twice a year (in spring and autumn).

It is published in collaboration with Musica Devota The Centre of Music of the Devotio Moderna, and the Dutch Study Group on Ancient and Medieval Music. 

Information about the editors can be found in the newsletter under Publication Details.